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Casa da Musica is a multi-purpose music and arts space comprising two main auditoriums, rehearsal rooms and recording studios for the Porto National Opera. The project interprets this situation, revealing the essential traces of the place. Each of the four forms has their own identity and a different function; yet not one of them can be understood without the other three, or without the garden. International restricted competition. To do so, we underline its main features and treat them as found objects. Philharmonic Hall Szczecin Szczecin, Poland - In a privileged location, facing the historical city of Saint-Malo, the Museum of Maritime History is located as an urban landmark that reactivates its new neighborhood. The concert hall conveys a timeless, strong and unfathomable presence through the means of design used, which establishes an independent relationship with the environment. Verdict Designbuild is using cookies We use them to give you the best experience.

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  • Locating the Casa da Musica was key in the development of OMA's thinking; we recording studios, an educational area, a restaurant, terrace, bars, a VIP of secondary serving spaces such as foyers, a restaurant, terraces.

    images casa da musica archdaily high school

    Portuguese architectural photographer Fernando Guerra FG + SG has shared with us some photos of the Casa da Musica subway station. Image 8 of 50 from gallery of Casa da Musica / OMA. Photograph by Philippe Ruault.
    The installation is conceived as a project-manifesto, a way of expressing an architecture in a state of equilibrium between the specificity of a place and the autonomy of the form. Between the concrete structure, two simple glazed volumes totally open to the landscape contain the apartments and the wine tasting space.

    This clearly defined volume sensibly adapts to its surroundings through two features: a patio and a roof line. The clear and concise implementation of the crematorium incorporates in its formalization the nuances of solemnity and kindness that the program and the character of this architecture require.

    The project arises from its setting and from the need to define a new public space. The way it is clearly placed on the site, the gravity of its presence, the density of its materialization and the expressiveness with which it is shaped, all reflect the attributes of the site and of its setting.

    Casa da Musica, Porto Verdict Designbuild

    It takes shape by articulating three different voids which originate as an extension of the patio-based urban structure that defines most historic Spanish cities.

    images casa da musica archdaily high school
    View whitepaper. The project responds to the features that its location provides.

    images casa da musica archdaily high school

    Italy A continuous plinth, elevated, is extending horizontally in between the trees on the sloping ground. The two buildings are simple and elegant volumes that seek to have an adequate proportion with their surroundings. A tunnel will connect the guest house with the nearby winery.

    14 Best Casa da Musica images in Port wine, Porto, Architecture__cat__

    One can feel the fresh breeze passing through the patio.

    The House of Music of Pieve di Cento was born out of the desire to the Music Society of Pieve and a Middle School with musical emphasis. Designed by OMA, The Casa da Musica is situated on Travertine Plaza, between the city's High-Rise Buildings ten rehearsal rooms, recording studios, an educational area, a restaurant, terrace, bars, Local Architect: ANC Architects.

    One high point of Casa da Música are their educational activities, promoting you can join a guided visit to explore the building's architecture.
    Construction Started August It is a podium with a large roof supported only by large triangular concrete pillars. Inspired by the terra cotta style, the project is a pure cuboid form, which is characterized by a static structural geometric grid that in its turn becomes a dynamic continuous ornament.

    Project Barozzi Veiga

    They intend to awaken the imagination of the visitor, inviting a discovery of the unexpected. Fifth Prize.

    images casa da musica archdaily high school

    The voids of the two concert spaces house the VIP rooms, public space, music shop and recording facilities, eight rehearsal rooms, IT and educational facilities.

    images casa da musica archdaily high school
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    The project aims to combine the symbolism that the new seat of the Cassa Rurale needs to embody with its insertion in the urban space following an attentive and respectful approach towards the Palazzo Balista.

    Concert Hall Munich Munich, Germany In sharp contrast to the rugged open landscape, both abstract and infinite, the house floor plan adheres to a pure form, a monolithic cube, which stands upon the land as if it were an archaic stone shaped by the forces of the wind.

    Casa da Musica OMA

    The project preserves the characteristics of this urban settlement and defines the creation of a new urban park as a new public space. Hence, the MCBA becomes a monolithic building that serves as a neutral backdrop to urban life. It is on the opposition between monument and sentiment that our work and the meaning of the installation lie: in the pursuit of an architecture that is specific and autonomous, intimate and monumental, which aspires to belong to a place and at the same time to belong to all places.

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    In this privileged geographical context, the project aims to sensibly relate to its surroundings by inserting itself into the site in a simple but nevertheless forceful manner, in order to accommodate a complex program without seeming invasive.

    The impressive glass frontage at Casa da Musica, two glass sheets are set a metre apart At around the same time the Office for Metropolitan Architecture [ OMA] is set high in the precision-moulded white concrete building and has a capacity of and recording facilities, eight rehearsal rooms, IT and educational facilities.

    OMA Office for Metropolitan Architecture Rem Koolhaas - Casa da Música, Porto. Rem Koolhaas - Villa Dell'Ava Architecture Moderne, School Architecture.

    Casa da Música at Porto, Portugal, Rem Koolhaas. Jo Dio · Casa da Rem Koolhaas, Porto Portugal, Amazing Buildings, Concert Hall, School Architecture, My. Casa de' Musica, OMA Architecture Drawing Plan, Famous Architecture, Chinese Architecture, The edifice is a middle finger to nature and its surroundings.
    On its southern side, the volume is staggered to establish a suitable scale with the surroundings and allow its garden terraces to characterize the whole.

    In return, the notion of a garden is underlined and architecture is used as a tool to define a boundary, a perimeter, that constructs a void, turning the building into part of the sensory landscape.

    With an expressionist mindset, we have aimed to use geometry to give shape to a new rhythmic composition that conveys feelings by balancing massiveness and verticality. On the one hand, it reacts to the need to create ties with the urban tissue, while, on the other hand, there is the desire to maintain the expressiveness of its natural setting. The building advances towards its landscape, establishing an interrelation in which an abstract geometry of a higher order helps to modulate the three emerging elements, that in the shape of iconic and monolithic stones, comprise the project.

    The site has been sculpted by both the city and the landscape.

    images casa da musica archdaily high school
    Casa da musica archdaily high school
    Once inside, a little Acropolis appears upon the top of a mountain ridge. Music School Karlsruhe, Germany The Casa da Musica is designed to create relationship between the concert hall and the public inside and outside the building.

    The MCBA building defines a boundary line, which we conceive as an inhabited wall that protects the longitudinal space of the public square from the universe of trains. Library and Student Center Brescia.

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    One can feel the fresh breeze passing through the patio.

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      Down from the main road, a path leads through the woods to an entrance pavilion. The horseshoe-shaped hall preserves the intimacy and shortens the distance between the audience and the stage allowing a more functional space.

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      Maritime Museum Saint-Malo St. The clarity with which it states its independence with respect to the adjacent buildings also reinforces the importance given to the garden that appears in the newly extended area and confers a sober presence to the building.

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      Aerial view of the Casa Da Musica.