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Like Frieza, Cell, and Buu before him, he refuses to believe there is anyone more powerful than himself, though to a much greater degree, as he considers himself to be the strongest in the history of the universe, and like Frieza and Cell he was driven to the brink of insanity when faced with the reality that there is someone superior to himself and considers the possibility that he could be defeated as impossible. In the game, Demigra revives after his apparent destruction, and travels back 75, years to his first battle with Chronoa, bringing back a possessed version of Great Ape Gohan with him in order to stall anyone attempting to interfere with his plans. However, he becomes outraged when Trunks mentally resists his control and implores the Warrior to keep on hitting him to break the spell, despite Demigra retaining control over Trunks' body, which continues to fight the Warrior. He was able to cause Goku to struggle to hold back an energy sphere that Demigra had fired. Demon God Demigra trying to brainwash Future Warrior. As the Demon God, he is able to defeat the Future Warrior in one hit, and knock down Super Saiyan 3 Goku with god power when he was caught off guard by noticing the Future Warrior's defeat. The word "realm" was first used for borders of a physical kingdom.

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    Going by the Expanded Universe Toriyama has set up, Demigra would probably be a Makaioshin given that he is a Demon God, and Dabura. For Dragon Ball: Xenoverse on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic akira changed who the devil is three times first it was king piccolo, a person called the demon king, and then Dabura now it's demigra.

    In Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Dabura is shown to have a . With the arrival of Demigra and his allies and Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta.
    However Chronoa reveals that was the first thing that crossed her mind.

    images dabura vs demigra xenoverse

    His pupils turn dark red and his sclera turns black. God of Time and Space After absorbing Tokitoki, Demigra becomes a new god who controls time and space.

    The Warrior manages to destroy this Wormhole which had split into three when it dropped off the GT villains with three separate Ki Blasts shortly after the villains showed up.

    Supreme Kai.

    images dabura vs demigra xenoverse
    During his battle with the Future Warrior, he shows his sadistic side by forcing the Warrior to fight their ally Trunks: Xeno, who Demigra manages to control via his dark magic, turning him into Villainous Trunks: Xeno, laughing at the pain and injury his puppet is forced to suffer at the hands of the Future Warrior.

    Demigra's arrogance reaches its peak when he finally escapes his prison, attacks Toki Toki Cityand consumes Tokitoki and truly becomes a God. Afterwards Fu will appear in the Time Nest using his invisibility to remain hidden from Chronoa, Elder Kai, Trunks: Xeno, and the Toki Toki City Hero, though the Future Warrior is somehow able to see, hear, and talk to him while the others are completely unaware of his presence.

    Once Demigra realizes this, he formulates a plan to finally absorb Tokitoki and control time once and for all. This form is far more powerful at the expense of being slower. Demigra and his two wizard allies Putine and Gravy fought Chronoa directly but were defeated and his plans were exposed. Start a Wiki.

    The Infinite History Saga is a saga exclusive to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

    Dabura kidnaps Chronoa and flees to Demigra's former prison the Crack of Time. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Check the video:?v=cyC5km Dabura VS.

    Demigra. Demon God Demigra or Domigura (Japanese) is the God of the Demon Realm. His ranking is even higher than that of both Towa and Dabura.

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    is seen when he even tried to control Lord Beerus in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
    Transformation — Demigra is capable of transforming into a stronger form named Demigra Final. Shirogame fortress Main article: Shirogame fortress A large fortress turtle utilized by Demigra.

    Dabura VS. Demigra by LeonF7 on DeviantArt

    Trunks: Xeno explains he and his partner have been put in charge of containing the effected Time Patrollers which means they've been unable to investigate the rifts.

    Trunks: Xeno notes Demigra has been too hard on Tokitoki lately while Elder Kai notes their is something evil about him causing Demigra to laugh which Elder Kai points out sounds evil, however Demigra demises their concerns. Can someone gift me a Z-Soul?

    images dabura vs demigra xenoverse

    images dabura vs demigra xenoverse
    Dabura vs demigra xenoverse
    As the Future Warrior fights Fu explains he did not create the rift or brainwash their Time Patrollers.

    The fact that Demigra dared to do something that would surely spark Beerus' ire demonstrates the depths of his arrogance, as most would consider this blasphemous act as tantamount to suicide or a death wish. According to sound files, Demigra has no confidence in fighting Potential Unleashed Gohan and displays awe at his power.

    God of Snake Way. If the player is able to bring down Goku's HP to a certain amount in a certain amount of time, Goku will go one further and access Ultra Instinct. For some such as Chamel the Demon God mode consumes a lot of strength and cannot be used for long.

    The imposter introduces himself as Fu and claims he is not suspicious though Elder Kai retorts that is what a suspicious person would say.

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      Shirogame fortress Main article: Shirogame fortress A large fortress turtle utilized by Demigra. Demigra's arrogance reaches its peak when he finally escapes his prison, attacks Toki Toki Cityand consumes Tokitoki and truly becomes a God.

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      Calling his past self a fool for not using Tokitoki's power to become a god, he has his younger wizard self-gain that power - amplifying his ki. While Chronoa trusts their judgement to deal with Fu she does not fully condone the scientist's actions and openly despises his altering history even if there is no real danger as the rifts exist separate from recorded history while Elder Kai is completely opposed to working with Fu as his actions are criminal and he cannot be completely trusted as the Time Patrol has no idea who he is.

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      Once the seal was weakened enough Demigra first introduces himself to the Future WarriorChrona's new ally, after the Future Warrior manages to defeat the Villainous Mode Androids and fix Future Trunks' timeline, giving the Warrior his symbol on the palm of their right hand, then teleporting them to Age of Future Trunks' timeline and disappearing. User Info: Anhell