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Hound's body was seen among the deactivated Autobots Ratchet was doing his best to revive in Transformers 56, "Back from the Dead". Start a Wiki. October—November This article is in need of images. Optimus is here! This mighty Autobot Hound Power Attacker figure converts from robot mode to vehicle mode, just like Autobot Hound always has. When he and Trailbreaker arrived at the airport, they found out that the power supply was cut-off, so they had to do it manually.

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  • Hound is a fictional robot superhero character from the Transformers robot superhero franchise.

    He is sometimes referred to as Autobot Hound for trademark. The name or term Hound refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Hound (disambiguation).

    Hound is an. Hound is a Autobot Commando and new second in command Optimus Prime's in Transformers: Age of Extinction, after Sideswipe's and Ratchet's death.
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    Unfortunately, this reckless show of aggression earned him a rather goofy, humiliating kick, and he remained in a disoriented pile until Optimus mounted Grimlock and ordered the Autobots and Dinobots to ride out to battle.

    Main article: The Transformers TV series. After realizing he was fine, he shot the creature, calling it a bitch, with his gun. I'm covering ya. Byske Havsbad The coasts most complete and five-star resort has plenty of activities for both large and small - now all year round.

    HOUND définition de HOUND et synonymes de HOUND (anglais)

    This version of Hound is more officious and serious than in other continuities.

    images gotland hound wiki transformers
    Gotland hound wiki transformers
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    Hound was the first to introduce Spike to the concept of "transforming" and also gave Spike a tour of the nearby desert while beguiling him with tales of Cybertron.

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    Shockwave brought Megatron's drone army back on line soon after, and they attacked the Autobots en route to Hoover Dam. Cade, who earlier stole a drone from Texas, plays its footage and they all watch the demises of Ratchet and Leadfoot. Note: Hound can be unlocked for multiplayer mode by completing the game.

    Sky Lynx menaced Hound and Drift in Tyran

    Hound loves the natural wonders of Earth, prefers it to Cybertron. Content on Moonracer was copied from Moonracer at the Transformers Wiki, which is licensed under the.

    Sweden - A picture stone from Tjängvide, Gotland.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. where he is luring and capturing dogs with a sonic whistle so he can eliminate every dog on Earth including Yukk.

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    . Vikings - Viking age picture stone from Gotland, Sweden.

    Prime in the original s Transformers animated series, and most other incarnations of the character. User, Edits. Counts, First edit, Last edit. User Contributions, Rank, Total, date, days ago, date, days ago.

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    Hound was among the Autobots who followed Optimus Prime on his mission on board the Ark.

    images gotland hound wiki transformers

    After being boarded the Ark crash landed on Earth, where all on board were preserved in emergency stasis. Vilsta Sporthotel Vilsta Sport Hotel is situated in a scenic and family friendly nature reserve, only 2 km from the center of Eskilstuna and the Zoo. He transforms into an Oshkosh military Vehicle. He is among the Autobots who attacked the Arch-Ayr fuel dump. The Stockholm archipelago with its 35, islands is considered by many to be one of the world's most beautiful archipelago.

    Hound and the other Autobots who were found by Lazarus were abused by Megatron's troops, but were eventually freed by Optimus Prime.

    images gotland hound wiki transformers
    Gotland hound wiki transformers
    Hound was taken to a dense Chinese forest to learn how to ride a Dinobot.

    images gotland hound wiki transformers

    Hound was featured in Transformers: Fall of Cybertronwhere he appears in the multiplayer campaign. Gear up for power-punching action with the Power Attackers!

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    After battling the prototype for so long, Hound fights to the last bullet. We are a family friendly hotel with a focus on delicious food, cozy atmosphere, this is both children and adults equally welcome. After being boarded the Ark crash landed on Earth, where all on board were preserved in emergency stasis.

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      One of the largest Nordic hotels offers an extraordinary experience. That night, Hound was sobered when Optimus asked if there were signs of any other surviving Autobots, and thanks to Cade's tinkering with Cemetery Wind's drones, the Autobots learned of an attack on Ratchetas well as Leadfoot's demise.