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images madalena do mar portugalmail

Levada is a Portuguese word that derives from levar, which means "to carry". It is worth highlighting the botanical heritage of the islets, namely several species of endemic plants from the Archipelago of Madeira, such as the Pride of Madeira Echium nervosum or the Juniper Juniperus turbinate subsp. In the comfort of a Land Rover Discovery, get to know the secrets Madeira's nature has kept hidden just for you. The mild weather, the extreme beauty and the quietness, turn this island into the perfect destination to all those who enjoy sports like golf, horse-riding and diving, amongst others. It is worth highlighting the botanical heritage of the islets, namely several species of endemic plants from the Archipelago of Madeira, such as the Pride of Madeira Echium nervosum or the Juniper Juniperus turbinate subsp. In the Selvagens, we discovered various protected species such as the Cory's Shearwater Calonectris diomedeathe 50 sea Madeiran Storm-Petrel Oceanodroma castroor the Bulwer's Petrel Bulweria bulweril. The rough sea at the coast of Madeira has long been selected by many as one of the top sites for these radical sports.

  • Madeira Active Tourism EN by YOU mix Issuu
  • Madeira Active Tourism EN by YOU mix Issuu

  • This is a list of postal codes in Portugal. Contents.

    Madeira Active Tourism EN by YOU mix Issuu

    1 Aveiro District. Mealhada Municipality; Murtosa Municipality; Oliveira de Azeméis.

    images madalena do mar portugalmail

    Lajes do Pico municipality; Madalena municipality; São Roque do Pico. Vila Nova de Milfontes; - Pereiras-Gare; - Bicos; - [[Zambujeira do Mar].

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    For more information please read our Privacy and Cookies. Address: Estalagem Quintinha de São João - Rua da. Levada de São João. Address: Sítio dos Lombos Madalena do Mar.

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    See More. The most prominent species in the Laurissilva Forest are the Laurel-tree Laurus novocanariensesthe Canary laurel Apollonias barbujanathe Stink laurel Ocotea foetens and the Madeira mahogany Persea indicaall appurtenant to the family of the lauraceae. The Madeira Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs madeirensisthe Madeira Firecrest Regulus madeirensis and the Madeiran Redbreast Erithacus rubecula rubecula are some of the species you will be able. Some of these plants were so easily adapted that they soon became integrated, expanding to other cultivation areas.

    In the middle of the Atlantic lies the Madeira archipelago, the perfect relaxing place for whoever is flying by However, its flat landscape, with a golden shade, contrasts with the luxuriant green of the archipelago's mother-island.

    images madalena do mar portugalmail

    images madalena do mar portugalmail
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    Contact one of the many companies who organize cetacean observation at Madeira or, if you would prefer, rent a boat and discover the charms of the island through a different perspective.

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    Because of its grayish-bluish color, the slight winecolored tonality it shows on its chest, and the white stripe along its tail, the Trocaz Pigeon is easy to identify. The Zino's Petrel Pterodroma Madeiraone of rarest birds in the world, was rediscovered at the end of the 's decade, after having been considered extinct. If it's adrenaline what you're looking for, a race with a mountain bike or with a quad through the bumpy grounds of Madeira will surely offer you true moments of pure emotion.

    To rest in the golden sands of Porto Santo, to watch the sunset from a cliff, or to dive into the warm water of natural. On this large, luxurious evergreen island, surrounded by smaller barren islands, one may observe some unique bird species, such as Zino's Petrel, Trocaz Pigeon, and Madeira Firecrest.

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    Madeira Active Tourism EN by YOU mix Issuu

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    There are different levels to suit beginners and experts and it is a great way to feel in harmony with the nature of Madeira Islands.

    Let yourself be driven by your own body Visit Garajau Nature Reserve and get acquainted with a surprising underwater world where you will be able to observe species such as the Moray Muraena augusti and Muraena Helenathe White-seabream Diplodus sargusand the Eels Heteroconger longissimus.

    The crystal clear water and the biological richness, as well as its geographical location, are good reasons why you can't miss a visit to this reserve, the first exclusively maritime in Portugal. Brought to Madeira island by the French inthis sport consists of exploring a creek or a stream of water in a progressive way, transposing vertical obstacles and amphibian through various techniques, such as climbing, jumping, descending in rappel and swimming.

    The park was established in with the purpose of preserving the natural heritage of a site with such a variety of treasures. Paddle by paddle, wave after wave, measure your strength while you enjoy the wilderness of the view.

    images madalena do mar portugalmail
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    Here plants have grown bigger and taller as there are no predators though many compete for the sun.

    From the various exclusive activities we develop at Terra de Aventura, you may choose the walking tours levadasin small groups, and let yourself be led by the best guides of the island.

    images madalena do mar portugalmail

    However, it is not known exactly the precise number of species and subspecies that exist in the archipelago. An island always influences its species development and Madeira is a good example. Arriaga 75, loja Funchal Tel.

    This gigantic work of engineering consists of a complex system of open channels on the rock, built to drive the rainwater. Don't forget your binoculars.

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      The evolutionist biologist Charles Darwin referred to Madeira in some of his works.

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      Working sinceTerras de Aventura relies on a team of experienced professionals who guarantee service excellence to more than Due to its biological specificity, the diversity of its endemic species and its wellpreserved condition, in Laurissilva Forest was granted by Unesco the World Natural Heritage classification.

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      Don't forget your binoculars. In each one of these islands, we can find many rare and endemic species.