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He often compensates for his lacking combat ability by developing plans that force his opponents into traps or other disadvantageous situations. The Ninja arrive to get the Fangblade and end up auditioning for it. There, the Nindroids have built a giant rocket ship known as Arcturus named after the Serpentine General of the same name that will be launched into space to retrieve the Golden Weapons. Lloyd allied with Pythor until Pythor betrayed him and reunited the Serpentine. The snakes fit in quite nicely do to their monster-like appearance which made the people there mistake them for park employees. He is shown to now take offense to jokes about his size. Pythor P. The Hypnobrai are a Serpentine tribe with the power to hypnotize and control anyone. Pythor immediately pledged himself as Lloyd's loyal servant, claiming that he was repaying the boy for freeing him from his imprisonment. When Overlord attacked the city in his Golden Master form, with Pythor as his ally, the other Serpentine saved humans by leading them into their underground tomb.

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  • The Anacondrai were one of the five Serpentine tribes living in Ninjago. They were the most powerful, dangerous, and feared of all Serpentine, acting as the. Pythor P. Chumsworth is the self-proclaimed general and the sole survivor of the Anacondrai tribe. He was sealed away with his brethren in the Anacondrai. Each tribe is further divided into four classes: Generals, Warriors, Soldiers, Ninjago. Variations: Anacondrai Constrictai Venomari Hypnobrai.
    Realizing that the riddle referred to the Snake Staffs, not the tribes, Pythor immediately put the five staffs together, allowing their venom to combine on the slab beneath them.

    He had Skales summon all of the Serpentine to the city, planning to unite the tribes by defeating the other Serpentine Generals. Start a Wiki. Garmadon lashes out at him, saying that the battle isn't about Pythor or making him big again until Pythor unveils the spell to bring back the spirits of the Anacondrai generals, who he knows would not stand for this. Chokuna Constrictai Soldier.

    images ninjago pythors tribe
    Ninjago pythors tribe
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    Pythor is last seen on board the Bounty with Wu, Lloyd and Misakoas it lands on the ground after the end of the battle. He is also effective at predicting the responses of others to a given situation and then plan his own strategies accordingly. After hearing part of the scheme involving the Overlord, Kai warns his allies of the plan, only to be captured by Pythor, who takes him to Ouroborous.

    After containing the new Electrocobrai, he proceeds with the next part of the plan: to obtain Lloyd.

    All the other snake generals were so annoyed by the flute that they all threw down their staffs also.

    Read Why is Pythor the only Anacondrai left? from the story Ninjago theories and That makes sense, because the Anacondrai were the most powerful tribe of. Results 1 - 48 of 53 LEGO NINJAGO Pythor Legacy Minifigure Snake From Set / .

    images ninjago pythors tribe

    Lego Ninjago Green Snake Tribe Mini Figure Minifigure Lot 2. The last survivor of the Anacondrai tribe, Pythor first met the ninja when he was other Serpentine tribes and unleash the horrible Great Devourer on Ninjago.
    After hearing part of the scheme involving the Overlord, Kai warns his allies of the plan, only to be captured by Pythor, who takes him to Ouroborous.

    Unfortunately, the only clue to their locations was a cryptic riddle, leaving the Snake King to furiously ponder its meaning with his followers. Originally, Pythor was a low-ranking member of the Anacondrai during times when tensions were high between man and Serpentine.

    At some point, Chen had provoked all-out war between the Serpentine and humans, and had even managed to bring several humans to the Serpentine's side, such as himself, Clouseand the first elemental master of earth. Yang broke up the argument, which had turned into a fight, and Chen received his choices.

    images ninjago pythors tribe
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    However, he doesn't seem to be a particularly skilled fighter, as he rarely enters battle without other Serpentine backing him up and is quick to retreat or resort to trickery if confronted directly.

    Misako told Pythor to give up, but Pythor chose to make a "spectacular exit" by jumping off the monument and falling to the ground below.

    Like the rest of the tribes, the Anacondrai had prolonged lifespans and some form of venom, although the effects of the latter remain unknown. Despite Skales' doubts over the existence of the legendary city, Pythor eventually discovered Ouroboros and raised it from beneath the desert sands.

    Chen's criminal empire had grown over the years, and he succeeded in transforming him and his followers into Fake Anacondrai.


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    PYTHOR WAS GENERAL of the villainous Anacondrai, the strongest and most feared snake tribe around. Are you a Anacondrai, Constrictai, Fangpyre, Hypnobrai or Venomari?

    images ninjago pythors tribe

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    The Hypnobrai are a Serpentine tribe with the power to hypnotize and control anyone. Wu tells Pythor that there isn't any way to stop the battle, but Pythor acknowledges the fact that an original Anacondrai warrior can put an end to it.

    Ninjago What Serpentine Tribe are you

    They have humanoid legs like warriors and soldiers, but also humanoid heads with a snake-like hood. Unable to keep his footing on the newly-iced floor, Pythor could only watch as the Ninja escaped, leaving the Serpentine even more divided than before.

    When he fires two missiles into the sky, Pythor sees that they're being followed, and a chase ensues. Of all the villains who followed Yang and sought revenge, Pythor was the only one to escape from his target. Hidden categories: Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls Pages with broken file links.

    images ninjago pythors tribe
    The Devourer ate Pythor and the rest of the Serpentine then realized that it was a bad idea to release it. The ranks are as follows:.

    images ninjago pythors tribe

    Soldiers have humanoid legs like warriors and snake-like heads, but unlike the warriors, they are of a different shape than their respective generals' heads. Emperor Serpentine. After hearing part of the scheme involving the Overlord, Kai warns his allies of the plan, only to be captured by Pythor, who takes him to Ouroborous.

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      Scouts are at the bottom of the Serpentine social ladder. Following the Golden Master's death, Pythor was captured at some point and put into Kryptarium Prisonwhere he lives in a toy dollhouse.

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      Start a Wiki. Pythor soon discovered Samurai X's identity to be Nya after unmasking her.